Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Back!!!

This has been a very busy summer for us. Over the course of the summer we have begun to purchase our first home.

Keep in mind this is a before picture. I took this when we were first looking at the house. Lots of improvements have been made since. I just haven't had time to document the progress.

We have also had 3 birthdays. J turned 6 in July.

Big E also had a birthday in August. He turned 14!!! He is growing up too fast right before my eyes. He has joined the football team at school this year and is doing wonderfully. I don't know all of the football positions, but I do know he is always starting.

Little E has also had his 7th birthday in October. The time is going by so fast.

Well that is all for now. I will be back again more regularly. I promise.


  1. You have such adorable kids!
    (don't use that word to the oldest, for his manhood tell him I said he is handsome!)
    Congratulations on the house! I can't wait to get out of my apartment and have a YARD!!!
    (and yes, time does go by way too fast. My daughter will be 13 next month on the 8th and Jake will be 17 in April!)
    Jake is 6'2" and when he hugs me I only reach his armpits.
    Bailey is 'developing' and has her mommas' chest genes...which she is NOT AT ALL HAPPY ABOUT!
    (she's already bigger chested than her Auntie Mandy...which irritates my sister to no end!)
    Glad to see your family growing, know you have a home for your family and that you seem to be happy!

  2. 'Bout time..haha! Thanks for the update. I love it :)