Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our mini vacation

This last weekend we took the kids on a mini vacation to Idaho. There is a cool little place there in Coeur D'Alene called Triple Play. They have go carts, miniature golf, ice skating, laser tag, bowling, putt putt, rock climbing, arcade games and a giant indoor water park.

We left early on Saturday morning on our little vaca. The kids were so excited, so were we. We had breakfast inside McDonald's. They couldn't believe we got to eat inside and not in the car. Normally McDonald's is a "oh my gosh look at how late it is" kind of dinner.

Then we headed out for Idaho. The kids weren't really prepared for the 4 hour car ride. There was a lot of "are we there yet", but the had lots of crafty stuff to do on the ride and Big E just listened to his MP3 player and was texting the whole ride.

Finally we arrived and we were a little early to check in to the hotel. Did I mention there is a hotel attached to the water park? It is pretty awesome! Anyway we decided to check out some of the other stuff before we checked in and went to the water park.

J got to rock climb. She loved it!

Then we took the kids over to the go carts. Little E and J weren't tall enough to drive them alone so Big E drove and they were the passengers.

Finally we could check in and go to the water park.

The kids were in heaven!

They went down water slides.

Ben and I even went down one! (no pictures to share of that)
Then we ordered some pizza and went up to our room to watch a new movie I bought just for this night (Where the Wild Things Are). We ate pizza in bed and watched the movie.

On Sunday we had planned to go back to the water park and then after check out go bowling, but there was a little incident with Ben. Long story short he ended up in the hospital by ambulance. He will be fine, but it was really scary.

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