Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother of the Year

Yesterday we were at a BBQ at the park. The kids were off playing and the adults were hanging out. Little E was on the swings and got the bright 7 year old thought of jumping off the swing to get down.

Next thing I know he is crying and saying "ow". Ben and I checked him out and he was fine. He could move all of his fingers, he could move his arm. The rest of the time at the park he complained that his arm was hurting and me being the "mother of the year" kept telling him that it was fine.

After we got home and he was in the shower, he kept complaining that his arm hurt. I told him it would be fine. He went to bed and was still complaining about the pain. I started to get upset with him and told him that it was enough. He was fine and needed to go to sleep.

"Mother of the Year"

3 hours after he had fallen asleep he was crying out in his sleep that his arm hurt. I went into his room and he was still sleeping! I gently woke him up and asked him where it hurt. Little E told me his arm was hurting "really bad".

We went to the hospital.

It is a broken wrist.

"Mother of the Year"


  1. Ohhhh poor guy. You know though you wouldnt be alone there. I may have done the same thing. Sometimes its hard with kids cuz they like to make mullhills out of anthills sometimes.


  2. Thanks! I just feel horrible though. :(