Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here it is...

I promised another post today and here it is.

Little E has started football.

J has started cheerleading.

She is the one in blue.

Big E has started high school football.

(Sorry no picture yet, but I promise they are coming)

This weekend was a big one for us. Little E & J were in a local parade. Little E was in for his Cub Scout pack.

Little E is in the red helmet.

Ben was in the parade too.

J was in for her cheerleading team.

They all did an amazing job!

Today I took Big E and a couple of his friends to go paintballing for his birthday. On Tuesday he will be 15! OMG where did the last 15 years go? He is getting so big so fast.

I will post again next week. I am going to try to post every Sunday and see if it works a little better.

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