Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early grave party of 1

Let me explain....

Big E is going to put me in an early grave. Again on Thursday I received a phone call from his school that he shattered his elbow in football practice. Ben went to get him from the school and was told that he dislocated his elbow. When I met Ben at the hospital the doctor told us it was not dislocated, but broken. We have been at this hospital so many times they are going to think he is in an unstable home!

It turns out that under all of the blood and sand on his arm he has a couple of little cuts and bruises. That is it! Not broken, not dislocated, not shattered. He has an angel looking out for him.

Unfortunately for me I am only a little kidding about the hospital calling me in. Here is a little photo proof of the last couple of months.

Need I say more!


  1. Oh, sweetie!
    (unfortunately, I know EXACTLY what you mean...between Jakes' football, basketball and just 'boy' stunts, and all of my surgeries, I joke that we should have a time share at the hospital! :P)
    Just remember: 'that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.' And get more grays. =)

  2. Hehehe like I said before, if I work at your hospital, I will have job security!! Hang in there hon, in a few years he will be on his own and the expense will be his :-)