Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was busy! With Halloween being on Sunday it left for 2 extra days of parties & get togethers. We were loving it!

On Friday the kids had their Halloween parties at school. They loved it! As anyone who knows me understands. I informed the kids that we would not be buying costumed this year. We have tons of costumes from years past and hand me downs that there was no need to buy something new. Here is what they came up with.....

a zombie cheerleader and a zombie football player.

Pretty original, huh?

Big E decided to just wear his football jersey and call it good.

On Saturday Little E had his playoffs and Superbowl. His team won the Superbowl 42-0. We are so proud of him and the whole team. I had to work so there are no pictures. Sorry

Later that evening we went over to my parents house for a Halloween party. We had an awesome time!

On Sunday (the "BIG" day) we went to a local Lion's Club Halloween party. the kids had a great time! There were some carnival games and an old fashioned cake walk.

Afterward we went to Kim and Dave's house and took the kids trick or treating together.

It was another great weekend with great memories.

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