Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Organized

We recently got a Hobby Lobby. I love this store! I have been reading on other blogs for years about the wonderful items and sales that other bloggers would find there and I was so bummed out we didn't have one. Then right before Christmas one opened in our city. I love it! Ben even loves it!

On my last trip there I purchased something I have been dying for and our family truly needed.

Now I have seen several tutorials for this exact project, but I am becoming a realist and recognizing that I will never get this project done and we really needed it.

As you can see it gets filled pretty quickly. It has looked like this since January 5th. Scary how busy we always are.

I am trying to keep it all organized so we don't keep overbooking ourselves and so we don't forget all of the things we have coming up.

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