Saturday, July 30, 2011

J is 8

My baby girl turned 8 this year. I am not at all happy. She is my baby and my only girl. On Sunday we had a family/friends party for her at a local park with a water feature and a big play structure nearby. She had a great time!

Wearing her new sundress and matching sunglasses from Uncle Pat and Aunt Angela.

Our niece coming off of the slide.

Uncle Pat and our nephew

Grandma Jane

J and Kim

the cake

Then on Tuesday she had 3 of her friends (and their dolls) over to make fancy hats to go to high tea.

J and her 3 friends

Mom Mom's gift to J this year was to go to a Victorian Tea Garden and have high tea. They had such a good time!

She had a great time!!!!

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  1. So freakin priceless! Juliett is such an adorable little girl! I thought the picture in the sunhats was especially adorable. Thanks for sharing Niki!