Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scary drive

This weekend Big E and I headed over to the other side of the state. We couldn't leave until about 4:30pm when Ben came home from work. That meant that we would be going over the mountain pass at night. I wasn't thrilled about it. This is why...

It was snowing so hard that at times I couldn't even see the car in front of me. We were stopped for a while, but thankfully not too long. We did hear on the radio pass reports that they were shutting down the majority of the pass for avalanche control and that there would be 1 to 2 feet of accumulation by morning! That was a little scary.

This is what it looked like the next afternoon on our way back.

Beautiful, but the pictures do not do it justice. It was slick and still snowing. What you can't see in this picture is the huge mountain because it is covered by snow clouds!

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