Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coupon Shopping

Recently, on Sunday 4/15/11, I went on a coupon shopping trip to Albertson's. They were having their Twice the Value coupons.

This means that when you use one of these coupons with another coupon they will double it. There are a few rules though.

1. They will only double up to $1.00
2. You can only use 3 of these coupons in 1 transaction.
3. You can only have 3 transactions in 1 shopping trip.

These rules make things a little difficult, but not impossible.

When I went on Sunday I had all of my coupons and was able to buy everything I was after. This included Mayo for $.50!!!!! I have a rule that I do not buy more than people in my house. We have 5 people in our house, but I usually don't get more than 3 of one item.

In case you can't read the savings they say $8.69, $13.59 and $18.07
I ended up saving a total of $40.45!

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