Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mad and Frustrated Beyond Belief

I had planned on having a HUGE post today about what our lives have been like the last couple of months with pictures to accompany it. Unfortunately my camera and computer had another idea. As I was downloading my 211 pictures something went very, very wrong.

I followed all of the normal steps and for some reason it did not put the pictures on my computer, but it did erase them all from my camera.

I. Could. Scream.

Instead, I will share 2 pictures from our lives.

Little E's football squad

J's cheer team

I would show you a picture of Big E, but since he has turned 16 at the end of August he has gotten his license and a job. We don't hardly see him anymore. I am very, very proud of him though. He is becoming a man!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Auntie! I am sorry for the true tragedy of all those lost pictures but at least you have the memories as it sounds like you all had an incredible summer! Much love!