Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Daughter's hair

Yesterday I tried a new style on J's hair. Her hair always looks like a mess. It is curly under and mostly straight on the top.

Here is a prime example.

We have been trying to find something to do with her hair so it looks put together and not so much like she hasn't brushed it in a month.

We've tried straightning it.That doesn't look so hot and it is really hard on her hair.

We've tried just pulling it back into a low ponytail.A little better, but still very messy.

We've tried the one half pony up and the rest down.It's cute, but the front falls out within a couple of hours.

Then the other day I found and amazing blog ALL THINGS SNAPBANDZ. She does some beautiful hair styles and shows you how to do them step by easy step. Here is a couple of pictures of J's hair yesterday.
It stayed so well that it is still in today!

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  1. Juliet is adorable and the new look is so cute!!! Both her and Ethan are growing up sooo fast! (I also have hard to deal with hair and sculpting it with the hairdryer and half a can of hairspray every morning for an hour is ridiculous lol) do you think snapbandz will work for guys too??? hahahaha jk