Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dogs should act like dogs

We have 2 dogs, Annie & Flash. Flash is a Basset Hound and Annie is a Basset Hound/Chocolate Lab mix. We love them. They love us. The odd thing is that Flash seems to think she is a cat. A very big, very long cat.

She likes to get up on the back of the couch, spread out and go to sleep. She will lay there for hours (if the kids leave her alone). She is also the nosiest dog I have ever seen. If she hears a car outside she will jump up on the couch and look out the window. If we have the blinds closed she will nose her way in between them to look outside and see who is here. She cracks me up.

Here is a picture of Flash up on the back of the couch (pretending she is a cat).

I am also including a picture of Annie because she is so cute.

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